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Maria, UAE
Songs are beautiful. I feel I am really praying when I listen to these songs. Really anointed songs. Thanks to Jesus for this gift.

Loui, Dubai, UAE
Even though we met 3 to 4 times, I was not aware that she has rich source of talents. Being a mother of 3 kids and a humble wife to Geo, You will be blessed with lots from God. Keep it up the spirit, I wish you should come out with more albums. Year 2000 has really gone and we all wish your new album to be released soon.

Linsha Maria, India
This site is very useful. May god bless u in all your efforts.

Lalu Pallickal, Assi. Film Director India
Your lyrics are very meaningful and nice. best wishes.

Michael Joseph, Italy
Really you did a good thing, Congratulations!

Manoj Thomas Senegal, West Africa
Thank you, excellent work, God may bless you and hoping for new albums.

Samuel G. Puthenpurackal, UK
Greetings! Read your testimony, Thank God for all HIS blessings in your life. Nice Songs. Great experience for me - listening your songs. God bless !

Joshi Varghese, Oman

Rinsy Roji, USA
I like all songs. It is something different.

Sunny, Italy
Thanks a lot you have such a collection of beautiful and meaningful songs which gives me comfort and consolation.

Bro.Chackochan Edayal, India
May God Bless you for His glory. Be in touch with Jesus. He will use you as a nice weapon in His hands to pierce into other people's hearts. Please remember us in your prayers too.

Philip Mathew, India
The classical type songs are great, please let me know if the CD is available in USA.

Asha Joseph, India
I would like to use the songs during our Christmas program which is coming up on Dec. 11. Is it possible for me to get the CDs as soon as possible? The music is wonderfully done and I have been searching for semi-classical songs on Jesus. Great job! Thanks.

David, USA
Hi Kisho Geo, I really liked your songs. You have an unspoken confidence in your voice which makes your songs really shine :) I hope you create more music in the future. Best Wishes.

Julie, USA
Really really a great job, u have done MAY GOD BLESS U!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the great work! its really beautiful!

I was just searching for Christian devotional songs. Your songs are very nice, fantastic.

Johny Pulukottil, India
God has bestowed a great gift on this dear Lady, and I heard the songs, and its a great healing to heart and mind. I pray God to give her more of this, so that, she can go round the world with the Music Ministry - Sing for Lord.

Priya Abraham, Bahrain
Dear Kisho, I have just moved to Bahrain from Saudi and wish to get a copy of this album on CD. My 7 yr old daughter loves your songs so do I. Best wishes.

George Lonen (Babychayan) Cardiff, Wales UK
Thank you for your testimony. Lord may continue to use your gifts throughsinging. You have a good voice. Praise the Lord.

Lisa, UAE
My dearest Kisho and Geo, I really love what u have done its a real pleasure to visit this site .... great work ....... wonderful songs ..... and you have been a wonderful source of inspiration more than you know take care and God bless.

Biju & Liji, USA
Saw this site accidentally. Good songs god bless you.

Sanjana, India
Fine & divine.

Thomas Sebastian, USA
Very nice songs, Thank you for creating Christian classical songs.

Mr & Mrs M Shajan Jose, UAE
We had heard the cassette Manglavartha and we would like to congratulate to your good self for your effort to publish the Kingdom of God by your blessed way of talent. May the God showers more blessings on your entire tasks.

ROY T SAM, India
My name Roy, my home town Ranny, I am working in U.S. army camp Doha base KUWAIT. my family Muscat she is working hospital. Its really great work, and this should set as an example of the century.

Mohan, India
Good to hear Indianised version of Praise & Worship. Truly Indian.

George Varghese Kulathumkal, India
Your work is excellent, especially songs with classical touch, which is rare. God bless you and let Holy Spirit guide you to create more of these kind of songs. Best wishes.

Joseph Arul, Canada
God bless your voice.

Sumesh George, India
I was just searching for devotional songs by the way I got chance to know about this site I'm very happy by knowing about this site.

Siby Lona, Saudi Arabia
I am Siby working in Saudi Arabia. I was in Abu Dhabi last 3 years, and I heard many of your songs. Your songs were really touching my hearts and it gives great relief for me. Now I wish to buy all copies of your all songs. May God bless you for singing more good songs..
With Prayers

John Antony, England
Very good performance indeed ! May God bless you.

Rony, Saudi Arabia
Very good songs..

Kriupa Chennai, India
I am too late to hear your Songs and learn about your experience...It is wonderful !! Hope you will continue to manifest your gift for glory of God.. Really moved by your site.. May Jesus Love you more !!

John Antony, England
I was really surprised to hear your semi classical devotional songs of Jesus, which is very usual. I have no words to appreciate my congratulations ! I heard all your songs, they all were superb. I play a keyboard here...just for fun only .. so I like listening music, both Eastern and Western. You were really lucky to have classical Music lessons from your early stage. Please keep up the good work. Will pray for you ! Thanks !! Regards to everyone at home.

Abey and Swapna, India
This is to let you know that your new album is really good. Our site is

Fr. Antony F. Thekkiniyath Capuchin, India
I heard one of your cassettes and from I thought of visiting the site since it interested me. The Music and singing really touched me. esp. the blend of modern and classical systems. My hearty congratulations and best wishes and prayers.

Your singing, music & voice is blessed by Divine and it touches our heart. I will read all your poetry, and hear the other songs. The site is simply the best. See you later.

George New York, USA
Excellent work. God bless you.

Sindhu, USA
A good site. I listened to your songs and they are good.

Merry Sam, UAE
It's great to hear Christian songs with a different touch. May God enable you toglorify Him more and more. May your service inspire many more believers to Christ.

James Sam, India
Very good site. Congrats!!! Sweet songs.

Biju Alex, UAE
I like very much this songs.

MJ Abraham, India
Dear sister, It is a great thing you are doing for Jesus. I congratulate you for being chosen by Him to do His service. Keep up the good work. With best wishes.

Lina George, USA
Mrs. Geo- your site is beautiful! It has an extremely professional, yet elegant look about it. I pray that your music career flourishes. You are extremely talented.

Vinod G Philip, USA
Good Songs!!!! May god bless U

Selvan, Dubai
Good Job. May God Bless you.

Gince Skariah, Mumbai
Hi Kisho.... I really love the simplicity and classical touch of your songs. May GOD bless you...

Nyttle Jose, Singapore
Hearty Congratulations and all blessings for the coming year.  It's wonderful - I have listened your songs and read poems. It's the grace of God to have such a wonderful God experience and its' nice of you sharing that and utilizing your talents for the glory of God. May He bless you more and more.

Roeny Raju, USA

Aji Mathew, Saudi
I heard thru Potta site. Songs are very good.....

sajin ,India
Very soft songs, I like all songs very much

Simon Shashi, Malaysia
Very great website, really blessing site and nice graphics. Very nice, May God bless you.

joshy jose M, UAE
Totally different approach in Christian devotional songs keeping in line with Hindu tradition. Let us congratulate and wish you all the best for your efforts and future projects.

Hector Lewis, UAE
Hi Geo & Kisho, God bless your family. I was listening to Mangalavartha this morning. its such a spirit filled cd. I really felt so nice. love and prayers to your holy family. Hector, Rani & little Dann.

Thomas & Simy, Abu Dhabi
Congratulations.We like the songs very much. We are expecting more songs. God bless you and your family.

Ansu Manoj, Cochin
Congratulations! You have done a great job. Songs are really nice. Hope you remember me

Jinnu Jacob John, USA
It is really nice songs, God has blessed you with a beautiful voice. I pray to God to bless you and family more and more....

N.A.Abraham, Dubai UAE
Kisho, happy to see your site. God Almighty is using your talent in His ministry. God bless you abundantly.

Sam George, Saudi Arabia
The site looks very elegant and impressive. Your songs are nice. I've downloaded a few songs as we have restrictions here. All the best wishes for all the good deeds you are doing. May God Bless You!

Varghese Chacko Pallathu, USA
I was visiting your web site. I listened all your songs. It is pretty interesting. How many albums you have released till now? What I understood from your album is you have a very semi-classical voice. Do you sing English numbers? Would like to know more about you. visit 

Maxwell Joseph, Korea
This is very amazing and really very good for people who like to hear holy songs

Gerald Albrecht, Germany
From the geocities-site of the Potta retreat center I was guided to your truly amazing site. Although I don't understand Malayalam it's kind of feeling at home when I encounter Malayalee style music on the web.

Sunny Stephen, Music Director, Kottayam
I heard your cassette, congratulations.

Manju Tony, Singapore
Congratulations!! on putting worth effort in building this warm site. May the almighty god bless you to yield even more. I really love the simplicity and classical touch of the song 'Nanmaniranja Mariame'. Cheers Manju Tony.

K.V.Varghese, Ajman UAE
Good music and good site.

Rabinder Singh, Singapore
Keep up tour excellent work. I am your dad's friend, Rabinder from Singapore.

Abey and Swapna, Kottayam Kerala
The songs are really good and may God continue to bless you. Do visit us on 

Maria Roy, Kottayam Kerala
You are an excellent singer. Do keep it up. Nice and good.

Susan George Alexander, USA
I would like to receive the cd of Mangalavartha and Yenta Eeso + the track of both. It is really really beautiful songs. Let me know how you charge and how you can send from UAE.

Santhosh, Abu Dhabi UAE
Congratulations.....I received your first music album...Ende eeso. It was wonderful. Convey my regards to Geo.

Rakesh Radhakrishnan, New York USA
Site looks cool and elegant. Appreciate the efforts that you have put in. May your beliefs guide your course! Best wishes!

qwprince USA
nice zong's kisho...r ur song'z available abroad.. coz my parent'z too.. like'd ur song'z and they want to buy a cd.. can u send detail's about it..

James Varghese Saudi Arabia
Dear KishoGeo in Christ, Thanks and congratulations for the wonderful site and devotional classical
songs on the net. Look forward to hear more in this regard.

T. P. Thomas Kerala
I am Thomas from Kerala. I like your interest in making His kingdom popular through the Net. May God shower his grace on U. How you got the inspiration for this ?

Shaji George Kerala
Hi. Mrs. Kisho Geo!! I heared your songs ..It was realy great works!! All the best of your spiritual life. May God shower the grace on you!! love and prayer.. Shaji

Vincent Alfred John New Zealand
Hai, Pleased to hear some malayalam classicals, I am a Keralite Indian based here in Auckland, would like to get more details of your classical songs. Thank you.

Jaison C. Netto India
Praise the Lord! It is amazing to visualize the beauty, holiness and Divine Power of Almighty God from your website. Keep on updating with more holy pictures. From now onwards I will be your daily visitor to this Site. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

Gervin Netto India
I really enjoyed by getting into your site. It gives me the feeling of our Abba Father, His Son & the Holy sprit. and also it helps me to intercede with our beloved mother Mary. Please do further information to my email so that I can be in touch with Jesus.

Alfred John Auckland, New Zealand
Dear Sister, so wonderful to hear those classical, may god bless you abundantly for your good work. With best wishes.

Siby Abu Dhabi, UAE
I had received the CD sent from u and all the songs where good and excellent. Everything is great and wish u do a lot more of songs in the years to come.

Sam K. Varughese USA
I like the music on your site. The sound quality very good!! May God bless you.. 

S.A.Qudsi Abu Dhabi, UAE
Very glad to see a talented artist in a beautifully created site. Happy New Year and best wishes through out the year.

Rajan Chennath Florida, USA
It was nice to hear your songs, I liked it. My best wishes and GOD BLESS ALL.

Kochumon Uncle Dubai, UAE
Wishing you HIS precious gifts and blessings a woman can aquire thru' HIS wonderful work

Tom Joseph USA
Finally I got a chance to listen to Kisho's new album at home. It is beautiful, her voice seems getting more matured, also good selection of words too. Over all a good treat. Congratulation.

Sherin Kerala
The poems are wonderful and so is the site with photos. I haven't yet heard the songs.

Seena Dubai
Jesus will be proud for having a child like you. Keep up the good work.

George & Rosemary Dubai
Congrats! very well done n god bless u.

George Mundackal Dubai
Well done! Keep progressing by the grace of god.

Derrick'O'Neil Santiago
The music was spiritually refreshing to my soul, mind and body. Keep up this good work.

Robinson John from India
Best wishes for your good efforts. With warm regards, Robinson.

Victor George from USA
Geo, your wife's songs are so good that I enjoyed them very much. have you thought of a tour promotion? everyone in the USA will love these songs. victor

Panju from Saudi Arabia
Dear Kisho.... It's really a good work.. Hats off to the makers of this site.. Congrats and keep it up.. Wishing you all success Panju

K.K.Unni from U.A.E
Good work. Keep it up

Siby & Latha from U.A.E
Think Latha already told you how good the songs are and congrats on the very good effort. In my opinion it was quite soothing music (except for the classical karnatic stuff, which i am not a great fan of), bit of a sufi slant and mysticism. all the best Siby

Minu from Kerala
Hi, Listened to your new album and it was indeed a good one.

Thomas Joseph from Kerala
Keep up the good work... It's a great piece of work...