Jesus is within us

Jesus is in, within us and with everyone
Jesus is in you, and me and everywhere
I'm like a tiny flower in this world around
And you, the creator of all the things I see around

Thank you Lord, Oh God for my life I'm living
And all the wonderful things you're giving
I could always see your hands holding me
In my sorrows, in my worries, you are with me

In my sadness, when I'm weak and feel like crying
Help me Lord, just say a word that I shall be healed
In my happiness let my tongues praise your Holy name
Whatever comes on my way, help me always to praise and thank you

A dream I had...

I had a beautiful dream
A dream that I never had
I cried out in that silent night
And I said Jesus I love you

Mountains and Valleys of green
A lullaby song I heard
Saw Jesus by my side
Making the cradle swing

Coolness with a misty touch
The moon was hiding inside the clouds
For a long time the happiness is felt
With Jesus in a Heavenly place

Children in Jesus

Teach your children about God
Tell them stories from the Bible
Take them to the House of God
Let Jesus be their best friend all their life

Who is Jesus? let them know
From their innocent childhood
Show them the true good ways of life
Let the Holy Spirit come and live in them

Let the children see a praying family
Who is staying together always
Children in Jesus is a gift to the parents
How nice to see the children around Jesus all the time

If Jesus is living in you

If Jesus is living in you
Then no more turning back
Your way is straight and lightened
Spirit of God, fire guiding you all the time

The people in Jesus prays
And praises him every time
Whatever comes on their ways
Merrier are they all the time

They only know to give
They only know to forgive
They are the people in Jesus
Thirsting for Jesus all the time

Heavenly Pleasures

Only a few are there to accept Him
Only a few are His believers
Everyone is seeking worldly pleasures
Not knowing of the heavenly treasures

We have to leave this world someday
We do not care, and the days go by
There's a life in heaven with Jesus
A wonder life which always stays alive

Start living from today, to be not too late
We the believers can build a heaven on earth
So, close your eyes to see Him near
Open your heart to God the Father

He's always a loving father indeed
Who loves, does wonders in our lives
Accept Him as Lord and Saviour
And lead a pure life in Jesus

I love you Jesus

The love I have for my Jesus
Can never be expressed through words
Majestic and mightier is He, Lord of Lords
Powerful are His teachings, Greater are His works.

The love I have for Jesus is a special kind
All day longing for His presence in mind
How will I thank Him for the gifts he's given
How much I owe Him for all that's given !!


The Red Roses

I offer you a red rose everyday
By helping somebody everyday
I have made up my mind
To help as much as each day

All the roses I gather one day
To make for you a beautiful bouquet
Jesus please take my humble gift
And wash away my sins

The poor boys

I cry whenever I see an orphan child
Who has no one to care or share
They are at times looked after
By some good people with loving heart
But parental love is nowhere they can get
They may be sometimes hungry
Who knows, only God knows...

One day, a day of mine
Some time I spend with them
Their smile even made me cry
The song they sang
"Jesus will never forsake
...even though a mother does"
Touched my very heart

I've great love for them
I often think of them
And so far away I pray for them

How many children like this in this whole world ? - Help them...

Pray to Jesus

Jesus in my heart in the morning
Jesus in my heart till the evening
Jesus is my love, Jesus is my song
All through the day

Pray to Him, Pray to Him, children of Jesus
Pray all the time
He's the Lord, He's the Lord praise Him
Praise all the time

Parents in Jesus

How parents love their children
I only knew when I had a child
How happy they were to watch me grow
Showing the right good path to lead
Such a beautiful part they play
Such a sharing days of love
Thank you Lord for my parents
Thank you Lord for my brothers
Oh Lord, how I love my family
But it is you I love more than anything

If we are together today
In love and in unity
Giving and forgiving
Jesus is the only reason
I believe it is the praying
That is keeping together
When I turn back to the past
Jesus you were always carrying me...
You are the bread of my life
Without you I cannot live

Mother for the world

Beside the cross mother Mary followed
Her only son, whom they crucified
How she bared the suffering of her son
How can a mother face such a situation ?

She prayed to the Father God for the strength
When the bows of arrow wounded her heart
The great mother accepted it all, in silence
Even though weak and crying with pains

All the memories came flooding her mind
She was with her son, all she remembered
Mother and son looked into each other's eyes
To part with a goodbye in silent words

She is a mother for the whole world
She is a mother for each and every child
She is a mother for whoever in need
She is always there for you, pleading to her son